2015 SUNNY TENNIS Student’s CUP

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Sunny Cup Tournament is an annual match event in SUNNY. This is a tennis carnival that combine group tournament between students,  exhibition, and many fun activities. In this match, all SUNNY students get the chance to actually play in real game and also meet new partners who love tennis, too.  Through this match, we hope to bring joy to everyone. Let’s enjoy tennis together!

Advisor:Kai Shu Marketing company (凱旭行銷顧問股份有限公司 )
Organizer:SUNNY TENNIS Academy

Time:2015/Nov./28 (08:00 ~17:00) *Postpone for a week if bad weather
Location:Shu-Ling Sports Park, New Taipei City 
Qualification:Current SUNNY students
To register:
Deadline: Now ~ 2015/Nov./07  (Sat)
Player: At least 6, maximum 10 players per team. (3 doubles, repeat player is not allowed)
Fare: NTD $1,600 per team
Online register only->Click me to register

Draw n Announcement of match schedule:
1、 Time: 10 am, 2015/ Nov./ 14 (Sat.)
2、 Location: SUNNY TENNIS HQ

Rule of competition:
1、  Coach are allowed to advise players when switching side
2、 Round robin match (doubles, doubles, doubles), first team to reach 2 rubber is the winner
3、 Any rubber skipped, the team must retire.
4、 6 games in a match, when even at the 5th, follow Tie-break.
5、 Using No-ad in every point: when 3:3 the next ball served count for winning.
6、 Bring out any appeal as a player before second point accordingly.
7、 Late show up for more than 5 minute will be disqualified.
Ball:SUNNY TENNIS’s ball for match
Rule:According to Chinese Taipei Tennis Association rule n discipline.
Prize:Top 3 team win the trophy and prize
(SunnyCup Review: Champion of 2014 is SUNNY US team, advised by Coach Richard Chiu. 2nd Place is SUNNY DiRenJai team, advised by Coach Kuo.
Champion:SUNNY coupon NTD $1,000 x 8 (Total $8,000)、Certificate of prize x 8
2nd Place:SUNNY coupon NTD $ 800 x 8 (Total $6,400)、Certificate of prize x 8
3rd Place:SUNNY coupon NTD $ 500 x 8 (Total $4,000)、Certificate of prize x 8
Gift for all participants:All team get 2 packs of SUNNY grip, 10 bottles of mineral water.

Info:SUNNY coupon can be used for: Elite private lesson, group lesson, SUNNY apparel, and grip

No ineligible and impostor player is allowed, once found out will be disqualified.

1. Tennis sportswear, tennis shoes, and racket is compulsory
2. Bring your photo ID for inspection.
3. Sign in at 8 am on the date of the match. Opening ceremony will take place at 9 am

Sunny Cup show time:Exhibition by professional players. Feel the power n speed of the ball. Cheer for our coach!
 SunnyCup fun activity:Fun challenge zone, let’s have some fun.
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