2016 HEAD X SUNNY Kids Tennis Tournament

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2016 8/27 Sat. Sunny Day

Today’s the very first Kid tournament held by HEAD and SUNNY Tennis. HEAD offers the world-class kid tennis racket, tennis facility and sports attire.

Many parents and children from different places participated this match. For most of them, this might be their first time attending a tennis match. Everyone looked excited!

There were 2 divisions of the match, aged 5~8 and aged 9~11. In order to give everyone more chance to play in the match. The match was held with Round-robin tournament. “This game is to provide every kid a chance to learn to play in a match. Through this game, they will know the etiquette and rule of a real competition. Every player will receive a prize no matter what. We want to encourage them to keep on playing. ”says Rick Lin, CEO of SUNNY Tennis

It doesn’t require a full tennis court to play kid tennis, simply the size of badminton court will do. With a rope as the net, kid tennis can be start almost anywhere. In this match, ITF mini-tennis rule is applied. Smaller racket and big red ball is offered.

Every player had their own sticker with their name on. They 2 registered together first, and then played their game. All SUNNY coaches showed them how to shake hands and introduce to each other. After the game, they reported their score to the coach. There was more fun and joy then keen competition.

Our coaches demonstrated how to play in the match first. All players had a great time playing. These 2 players are the best one with Coach Pan.

Besides the match, we also designed many fun activities to promote tennis. Now it’s time for the parents. A fun game by Coach Dong called “We are family”, were there to test which family is in sync. The winner was granted with big prize.

A lovely family-time photo!

After a few round of the match, we were down to the finals. All players that played in the finals were really awesome. In the aged 9-11 division, Zacharysng from Singapore has played tennis for 2 years. He’s a student with Coach Roy. We can tell from his outfit that he’s a big fan of Roger Federer. His movement and gesture was good, a 100% winner look.

In the aged 5-8 division, meet Lin Rai-Xi, coached by her parents, was young but stable. What impressed us the most is that, she played 20 rounds ball with her rival.

Our aged 5-8 division champion went to Lin Yo-chai林宥學, coached by Coach Rick. Second place was Veronica, coach by Coach Liao. Third place was Lin Yua-chan林岳岑, coached by her father. Congratulations!!!

Aged 9-11 division, the champion went to Zacharysng, coached by Coach Roy. Lin Yi-Chian was the second place, coached by Coach Chen. Chen Yan-lin, the third place, coached by Coach Rick. What a great match!!!

Congratulations to our champion Zacharysng! He played in several match in Singapore before. No wonder he can beat other strong players. The water gun splashing time. Yeah~~

This was 宥學Yo-chia’s first match and also the first championship. His parents are both big tennis fan, this championship made their day. Congratulations~~~

Thanks to all the SUNNY staffs, we couldn’t make it without all your efforts. (CEO Rick Lin, assistant Din Yo-chan, Coach Lin, assiatant Anita, Coach Huang, Coach Dong) Looking forward to our next match, see all of you soon~~~~

Wanna play on the court like these cute and young players? Here’s the rule for mini tennis by ITF.  (Please select the English CC subtitle)

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