Adult Group Tennis Lesson

Excercise ,social , the best thing to do after work

Learn step by step

Lower budget, social, fun = SUNNY GROUP TENNIS LESSON

For different level of players, we design GROUP TENNIS LESSON for beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced. All lesson are processed by PTR official material. You may easily step to the higher level through the lesson of our experienced coach. Coach and student ratio is about 1:4-5, smaller class brings you better quality. And also in the group lesson, you meet people with same interest, play and learn from each other. This is the best place to be if you want to promote your tennis skill & meet new tennis partner.

Our adult group lesson welcomes players  all levels who’s over the age of 13. The class are held once a week for 2 hours during weekend or weekday after work around 7-9 pm. One section of the group lesson goes on for the total of 5 consecutive week (10 hours). The lesson normally lasts around 1.5 months. But due to outdoor court restriction, the lesson would postpone if there’s rain or other weather condition.  No personal excuse allowed to postpone/cancel during the section since it’s a group lesson, the training time is fixed.

Since we mostly have Taiwanese students, so all our adult group lessons are held in the language of Mandarin Chinese. However, we welcome non-Chinese speaker to join the fun. Some coaches are able to train students in English as well.

If you are interested in playing with other players in Taiwan. Simply call us for more schedule detail. We will arrange the lesson for you ASAP.

Come and join our GROUP TENNIS LESSON now, and don’t forget to bring your friends, too!


Through the advising of SUNNY coach, and SUNNY training program, playing rally n even match become so easy. We make you a tennis pro step by step!


The most popular lesson in SUNNY! With lower budget, you enjoy the fun of playing tennis.


No partner to play tennis with? Group lesson is the best choice for you! We arrange players with same level and age in the same class. That way, it’s just the matter of what time to play.


Starting point, Familiarize with forehand, backhand, serve and basic tennis rules. Lead students to play in a simple match easily.
Beyond the basic, reinforce the baseline skill and ability to play steadily. Volley skill will be introduced in this lesson. Learn how to control better.
Increase speed, power and spin of the ball. Know how to defend and attack in match. More strategy training in this lesson.
To become a pro. Aim to be an all-court player in both physically and psychologically. Match strategy will be the core of this lesson.


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