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Start right! Join SUNNY JUNIOR TENNIS LESSON. Let your children play tennis with joy.

Since 2012, ITF (International Tennis Federation) made some changes to the 10 and under tennis game. Kids play on shorter courts, with slower-moving, lower-bouncing balls, and with smaller racquets. In SUNNY TENNIS safety is always the top priority.  

Our kids group lesson welcomes players of the age between 4-6. The class are held once a week for 1 hours during weekend or weekday around 4-6 pm. One section of the group lesson goes on for the total of 10 consecutive week (10 hours). The lesson normally lasts around 2.5 months. But due to outdoor court restriction, the lesson would postpone if there’s rain or other weather condition.  No personal excuse allowed to postpone/cancel the during the section since it’s a group lesson, the training time is fixed.

Since we mostly have Taiwanese students, so all our kid group lessons are held in the language of Mandarin Chinese. However, we welcome non-Chinese speaker to join the fun. Some coaches are able to train students in English as well.

If you are interested in playing with other players in Taiwan. Simply call us for more schedule detail. We will arrange the lesson for you ASAP.

Different age, different court and facility.

The slower Red, Orange and Green balls are designed to bounce lower to fit the height and action of junior tennis players.
Red ball - 85-105cm
Orange ball -105-120cm
Green ball- 120-135cm
Yellow ball- 135-147cm
Don't worry about big n heavy racket. In our junior tennis lesson, we use lighter, smaller n even cuter racket to make kids love to play more.
There are 3 levels of junior tennis that allow players to start at the best level for their ability.
RED (Level 3) Court 36-42ft
ORANGE (Level 2) Court 58-60ft
GREEN (Level 1) Full Size Court

AGE 4~6

Junior tennis lesson designed for 4-6 year-old children is mainly focus on balance, coordination n concentration. Building team work n social skills while playing tennis. 

AGE 7~12

Junior tennis lesson designed for 7-12 year-old children focus in team work, game, n match. Developing more interest for children step by step. Compared with lesson for 4-6, we emphasize more in fundamental skill building.

AGE 13~17

Junior tennis lesson for 13-17 year-old. More exercise is needed during adolescence phase. Also teenagers want to be more characteristic; we add more physical n skill training to reinforce their tennis style.

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