2012 SUNNY TENNIS Student’s CUP

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The rainy days finally ended on the day of our game. This is an extraordinary day and the sky is so clear! 

Today is the most important event of or for us. “2012 SUNNY TENNIS Student’s CUP” the very first competition of our tennis center. It was a large competitions took place at the tennis court of Dazhi Meidi Sports Park. The weather made the sky of Meidi more beautiful.

The participants of this competition are all SUNNY TENNIS students. Around 120 players joined the fun today.

Let’s introduce the participating teams first. Team “SUNNY No.1” by coach Elton Lee. Team “SUNNY OEC” by coach Rick Lin. Team “SUNNY Terry” by coach Terry Huang. Team “SUNNY Fong Bro” by coach Fong Chen. Team “SUNNY Cabbage” by coach Richard Chiu. Team “SUNNY Shadow” by coach Ryan Pang and coach Ren Hao. Team “SUNNY Sunshine” by coach Andy Kuo. And Team “SUNNY Strong” by coach Peng.  Total of 8 teams competed in the game.

  1. Team “SUNNY No.1”
  2. Team “SUNNY OEC”
  3. Team “SUNNY Terry”
  4. Team “SUNNY Fong Bro”
  5. Team “SUNNY Cabbage”
  6. Team “SUNNY Shadow”
  7. Team “SUNNY Sunshine”
  8. Team “SUNNY Strong”

This event is different from the general open tournament. It was really significant for all the players of SUNNY TENNIS. Most of the participants are newbies who have just started to learn tennis in SUNNY and established tennis skills step by step. Therefore, for them this is the very first game!  

Early in the morning, the players warmed up at the court and looked very energetic. They seemed very excited and confident at the same time. At the opening ceremony,  all the coaches and players cheered for each other. Coach Rick Lin encouraged everyone in his talk that it was a great occasion to simply enjoy the tennis game and make new friends to play tennis with. 

The first round of the game started, the players played on court one by one. The players on the field sweated hard. The audience cheered for their team happily. Despite win or lose, the atmosphere was harmonious and everyone was completely immersed in enjoying the game of tennis. So much fun! 

In the middle of the competition, there was the coach’s performance match. Coach Andy Kuo and coach Chang versus coach Chiu and coach Zhuwei. All the participants were excited to see such a fast-paced and advanced game. 

 Team “SUNNY Sunshine” won the first round! 

A fun carnival game was arranged during the game allowing players to earn nice little gifts.

The team that entered the semifinals are Team “SUNNY No.1”, Team “SUNNY Shadow”, Team “SUNNY Terry”, Team “SUNNY Strong”. As the game slowly came to an end, everyone began to get nervous. It was already night time when playing the finals. After a long day the remaining team were still inspired and they continued to fight. At the end, Team “SUNNY Shadow” won the championship in this competition. The second place was Team “SUNNY Terry”, and the third place was Team “SUNNY No.1” and Team “SUNNY Strong”.

After all the hard work, Team “SUNNY Shadow” finally won the championship, the players are overwhelmed by their first success. 

Going home with the moonlight, the players returned with fulfillment and new friendship. Although all the coaches and staff were tiring organizing and maintaining the game  all day, but there were smile on everyone’s face. Let’s look forward to the next great competition. See you next year!

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