2013 SUNNY TENNIS Student’s CUP

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The 2nd SUNNY TENNIS Student’s CUP took place on October 26th at the  tennis court of Dazhi Meidi Sports Park. There were 15 teams participating in this competition. All the best players are ready to compete for the championship title. Different from the first four-doubles and one-single competition, a small change was made to the competition this year. Three-doubles were adopted to determine the victory, adding more fun to the game.

Before the game started, each team shown their enthusiasm by cheering for themselves. Every team wanted the title of this championship. In the first round, all teams worked hard and shown the results of their one-year training.  That leveled up the game than the previous year. In the fierce competition, one team outshined other, it was “SUNNY TAS” led by coach Richard Chiu. “SUNNY TAS” immediately demonstrated its ambition to win, they quickly beated other team with high score. 

Another team led by coach Rick Lin Team “SUNNY Combat”, stood out successfully this year. Later on, Team”SUNNY TAS”, Team “SUNNY Combat”,  Team “SUNNY Shadow”, Team “SUNNY FONG Bro” moved into the second round of the competition.

Besides the keen competition, there was also a fun game area. Players can relax a bit and win some little tennis gifts. During the lunch break, there was a performance match played by some coaches, player get to enjoy the competition of the professional. Also allowed all the students to see a rather serious side of the coaches. 

After admiring the exciting coach demonstration match, the second round of the game then started. In addition to the game, this year’s match schedule was slightly modified. Those team which were eliminated at the first round still got the chance of compete another game with other  loser team. This also gave participants a second chance to play, making participants more involved. After two rounds of fierce confrontation, the Team “SUNNY TAS”, which shown outstanding performance at the beginning of the match, successfully won the championship. Although they encountered stubborn resistance from the opponents in the game, they rely on their wonderful control on the field to defeat others. They are good players, let’s congrats them!

The second place was  Team “SUNNY FONG Bro”, led by coach Fong. The final was very close. Both team gave their best performance. The third place was Team “SUNNY Combat” and Team “SUNNY Shadow”. Team “SUNNY Combat” was elimanated at the first round at the game last year. This time they came back well-prepared. 

The 2nd SUNNY TENNIS Student’s CUP ended successfully after the awarding ceremony. This competition not only brought all the students together but also set a whole new standard of the involvement. The little modification we had in the game was praised by all the players. Everyone was looking forward to the next year’s game just like me. See you next year~

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