2014 SUNNY TENNIS Student’s CUP

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“The 3rd SUNNY TENNIS Student’s CUP” was held at SUNNY TENNIS’s newest location: Shu-Lin Clay Tennis Court on 11/22. Most students were new to the clay court. It seemed a bit fresh and strange for them, but everyone still shown great enthusiasm and vitality on the court. Compare with our previous game, this location housed more facility for players to use, which pleased everyone a lot. 

16 teams participated in this game,  with more than 150 players, all led by each SUNNY TENNIS coaches. This morning the weather was very good, the warm sun in winter time made this game even better. 

Thanks to the total of 8 clay courts, the game was even smoother than before, the schedule went on as expected. The current schedule was divided the 16 teams into 4 groups of round-robin rounds. The winning team of each group then moved to final. After the last round of battle, the forth place was Team “SUNNY Super”, led by coach Sam Wu. The third place was Team “SUNNY Tianmu Gang”, led by coach Terry Huang. The second place  was “SUNNY Di Renjie”, led by coach Andy Kuo. The Team “SUNNY USA”, led by coach Richard Chiu was the champion of the game for the second time. Congratulations to the winning team. At the same time, we thank all the students for their participation. Because of you, our activities are more and more brilliant!

Championship: SUNNY USA

Runner-up: SUNNY Di Renjie

Third runner-up:  SUNNY Tianmu Gang

Besides the tennis game, there was small carnival, tennis racket and ZEPP  racket sensors trial experiences and performance competitions of the coaches. The most important of all, to get to know more people that love tennis. 

Through this activity, all students can examine how their practice bring to life. Promoting tennis is such an amazing thing for SUNNY. I hope every participant can feel the charm of tennis with us. Students, let’s look forward to the next game together!

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